There are many ways for you to volunteer your time and talent.  Please see if any of the following areas interest you and are in line with your giftings and calling and consider volunteering for 6 months to a year as we form the following teams to support Mom’s Haven of Hope and her current ministries.  We would love to have you join us!  If interested in any of our volunteer positions, please let us know via our Contact Us page and we will get in touch with you soon.


Coordinator:  This person will take prayer requests from board, staff and volunteers and forward them by email to specific prayer groups depending on the request.  They will form the groups and communicate the guidelines in regards to receiving the requests.  It may be beneficial for this person to attend various meetings or groups but will not be required.  1-2 hours per week, flexible.

Prayer Minister:  The person would receive prayer requests either for the ministry or for individuals via email.  They would commit time and faithfulness in praying for the requests received.  At times there may be opportunities to pray with people at an event although it is not required.


Events Coordinator:  This person would coordinate and plan special events for moms and children-approximately 4-6 per year.  Their responsibilities would include being the contact person, collecting money, ordering tickets, arranging teams to help when necessary, and communicating/advertising the events.

Team Member:  This person would assist the Events Coordinator in planning events and helping in a variety of ways per the coordinator.


This person should have a passion to lead the women in small group ministry.   They should be able to come up with ideas, resources and help facilitate the discussion and activities for the weekly meetings.  They should be able to attend most weekly meetings in order to foster relationships with the moms.


This person should have a passion for nurturing teen moms into a healthy life style.  They would work together as leaders to support the teen moms through bi-weekly discussions and activities. They should be able to attend most of the meetings in order to foster relationships with the moms.


Mentor Coordinator:  This person should have a passion for encouraging and raising up mentors with a heart to help single moms cope with life and grow spiritually.  She will train and equip mentors via monthly support sessions and individual meetings when necessary.  The Mentor Coordinator will connect mentors with mentees.
Time commitment:  2-5 hours per week

Mentor:  The mentor will meet with 1 or 2 mentees on a regular basis as requested by the mentee.  They will also attend a monthly meeting for their own support.  The mentor should have a passion for guiding a single mom to self-sufficiency and spiritual growth.  Time commitment:  2-4 hours weekly, flexible


Coordinator:  This person would be responsible for setting up a team of people to provide childcare for Young Moms . . . being Real meetings and other special events for either group.  They would also develop age appropriate curriculum for the children attending Young Moms . . . being Real.

Team Members:  These people have a love for small children and babies and are available either regularly or on an as needed basis to care for and play with the children.


Coordinator:  This person has the gift of hospitality and will arrange meals to be provided for the Young Moms…being Real meeting nights.  This would require setting up a team of people to provide meals, scheduling the team and making sure some basic supplies are available.  They may or may not provide meals themselves.

Team Members:  This person(s) has the gift of hospitality and would love to supply a meal for the moms and children on Young Moms…being Real meeting nights.  This can be on a one time or a regular basis.  They would be responsible for cooking, setting up, serving and cleaning up the meal for the evening.


This person would supply transportation or arrange for someone to provide transportation to a mom and her children to a meeting or event.


Coordinator:  This person would be responsible for procuring curriculum or speakers and developing a plan for teaching life skills to the moms


This person would agree to work with the area high schools, county health nurses, etc. to discuss the needs of teen moms and to keep them up to date with what the ministry has to offer them.


Coordinator:  This person will be responsible for creating both printed and electronic communications including brochures, newsletters, website designs and videos as needed.  Or find the people who can help with the processes.


This person would be responsible for organizing and retaining data bases, minutes, paperwork as well as resources and contact information of supportive services for the moms.


Coordinator:  This person will have experience in organizing fundraising events or various fundraising activities.  They will be responsible for the full planning, advertising and execution of the event.

Team Member:  This person(s) will assist the fundraising coordinator with whatever needs to be done in preparation for or at an event/activity including set up, take down, gathering materials or money or anything else.


Coordinator:  This person would be responsible for researching various grants and for the writing and the submitting of the proposal.  Eventually this could work into a paid position or into the searching for a person to write grants.  They could also form a team of people to help with the research.

Team Member:  This person(s) would assist the grant writer in doing the research required for a grant and assist the grant writer in any other way.


This person would be responsible for the research of city codes and ordinances and anything else related to the procurement of Mom’s Haven of Hope.


This person would give legal counsel on an “as needed” basis for the home or possibly for the women.


This person would be responsible for filing taxes, and doing the bookkeeping and any banking related to the ministry.


This person would develop the intake materials, house guidelines, and schedules for the residents while maintaining the property.  They would report to the board any household issues or issues with the moms.  This person would also handle the scheduling and supervision of the advocates.


This person(s) would stay at Moms Haven of Hope providing supervision and guidance of the moms.